Volume 1                         July 2004                        Issue 5

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The Club is Growing!

As of July, we can now call ourselves a big motorcycle club. We have over 41 active members and are still getting additional guests checking us out.

Pick up rides continue and several have netted new members just because our rides are interesting and enjoyable. We are a group of riders who love to ride and only stop because we’ve reached our destination or are hungry. We prefer to ride safe and within our limits. And, as a bonus, at the stops or destinations, there is a sharing of accumulated riding knowledge that is helpful and useful. We aren’t “posers” who only cruise up and down a highway in a straight line. We actually know how to ride and often do long difficult rides because the challenge is what it’s all about.

If you’re a new member, don’t assume that there’s a clique or tight group of old timers. We’re all new to the club as it was started only two years ago and we’re all just getting to know each other.

We have very few rules…wear a helmet and don’t bring guests under 25 years old. Other than that, we want you to enjoy the company of other riders and participate in the club as you have interest and time.

Shoup,  Idaho Ride

New member, Bob Robertson, took the pictures of the July 10th ride to Shoup. Let’s hope he continues his amateur photography lessons. Great photos, Bob.

Guest, Wes Matson, discusses the fine art of riding fast but carefully with Ed Irwin.
 If we see Wes again, check out the chrome on his Victory!


Big Fork Ride

12 bikers turned out for the scheduled ride to Big Fork and back. Breakfast was at the Joker’s Wild at 8:00 a.m. and although not all who attended breakfast went on the ride, there was a lively discussion around ride courtesy. The members agreed to a few simple courtesies:

* If you plan to turn around or veer off the scheduled path, you need to let someone know so we don’t worry about you when you don’t show up at the next stop.

*The last bike in the group needs to be sure that everyone ahead is safe before passing and that the next person knows they are the last person or “sweep” bike.

*If you have an accident, don’t be a hero…ask for help. We’ve all been there.

 We all behaved as planned on this ride and everyone got home safely. J

  (Pictures will be included in the upcoming new photo album for the website.)

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www. Montana-retreads.org

Monte, Larry, Snuffy, Brad, Bill and Rich all taking a breather in the shade at Shoup..

Coolidge Pick Up Ride

We ate here twice in the same day

Monte claimed it was only a couple of steps into the Ghost Town…turns out it was about a mile on foot in full rain gear. Ooooph!

This little newsletter is put out whenever we have a chance and is put together for the benefit of members.

Issues with the content or the desire to contribute should be addressed to Dave McCormack at dhmcc@aol.com or call him at 642-9840.

Or go to www.montana-retreads.org for more information.


Picnic Plans

 Joe Rice and Iva Gilmore have put out the first message regarding the August Retreads picnic. Seems we need to have everyone who’s planning to go get in touch with them so we don’t end up with 40 bags of chips and no real food (who says potato chips isn’t a food?), The picnic is scheduled for August 28 at Fort Fizzle from 1-6 pm.

The plan is to bring whatever you want to eat plus something to share (chips, cookies, etc.).  There are two or three grills there plus Joe will bring two or three additional grills. Please let Joe or Iva know soon if you are planning on attending. Contact Joe at:    josephrice@webtv.net


Tech Tip

During the hot summer riding season, keeping cool is a tough problem. Bill Varien recommends two solutions. One, pick up Cool Ties at Wal-Mart and soak them in water and wrap ‘em around your neck. The effect of evaporating water on your carotid artery brings relief. The other is to invest in one of the new water activated vests. It’s filled up with about two pints of water and as the day wears on, the water evaporation can bring down body temperature by as much as 10 degrees.


Safety Tip

Intersections and driveways are the most dangerous places for us motorcyclists. The best advice when encountering either is to presume that they are hazardous and do the following:

  • Cover the brake and clutch just in case
  • Decide on an escape route in advance
  • Make sure your headlight is on “high”
  • And, constantly scan for possible hazards.

You never know…some idiot will look right at you and still pull into your path of travel.





Seeley Lake Pick Up Ride


Experienced Rider Course
Wayne...eyes up!


Second Shoup Ride 2004


Big Fork   Ahhhh!   The end of a ride in a place like this...
that's what motorcycling is all about.