Volume 1                         May 2004                        Issue 4

Pick up Rides Almost Official

Pick up rides (rides not on the published Ride Calendar) turned out a large number of members and guests over the last couple of months. As the weather warmed up and cabin fevered members looked for excuses to ride, spur of the moment rides turned out several riders. Many, responding to e-mail and phone calls showed up for a ride up Hwy 93, over 200 to St. Regis and back on April 18. About 9 bikes and riders showed up on April 25 for a ride to Wisdom with half going on to make the loop and the other returning via Hwy 43 to Chief Joseph Pass. May 2nd, a group of 6 bikes made its way to Lochsa Lodge for breakfast/lunch, a favorite ride on short notice.

Relaxing at Lochsa Lodge

If any member is thinking about a ride or wants to do one outside of the published calendar…just get on the phone or e-mail the membership…we’re sure there’s always someone who has the time to work on their riding technique.

Scheduled Rides

Lochsa Lodge ride on April 10th had a huge turnout starting at the Hayloft Bar and Casino in Lolo. Although the setting in the bar was a little cramped, service and food was great and almost all who attended made their way up the hill to Lochsa Lodge. It was April, so although the sun was out and there was little snow in the pass, it was cold. Joe Rice and Iva Gilmore turned up with a new bike as did ‘Snuffy’ Smith. And we saw Jim Fox’s new bike too.

Shoup Idaho ride on May 9th had a goodly crowd starting at Bud & Shirley’s in Darby. 7 bikes and riders went all the way to Shoup and back while some members elected to take an alternate ride to Painted Rocks.

Fueling up at Shoup...the boys, not the bikes

Tech Tips from Monte

Batteries will last nearly forever now by using an automatic charger. Battery Tender makes a great little number for about $35 and we’ve heard there are some less expensive ones at Wal-Mart.

The first 100 miles on new tire should be done very carefully. The grease the manufacturers use to ship the tires takes about that long to wear off. Lean angles should be kept to a minimum for awhile.


For Sale

(2) New face shields (one Clear, one Lt. Smoke) for Shoei RF-700, RF-800 and RF-900 helmets.  They also fit 9 other Shoei models. Used Lt. Smoke face shield for same helmets.  $25.00 takes all.

Used, two year old Shoei RF-900 helmet. Size: a tight XXL.  Silver.  Never dropped!  $25.00 takes it. 
Contact Bill Varien at 642-3963

Hope Ride Update

The route for the Bitterroot Valley groups to West Yellowstone has been published and it looks like a great ride. We’ll check in at Missoula on July 24th, get our instructions and push on to Ovando; then down to Anaconda via some back roads; through Wisdom and around to swing through Twin Cities and then on to West Yellowstone. Looks like a tough ride but the Retreads members going are up for it.  More information can be found on the Montana Hope Web Site "http://www.montanahope.org". For those of you not planning on going but wanting to make a contribution, you can either make a direct pledge or make the pledge with a member who is going. It’s a great cause and benefits a lot of Montana kids.

Safety Tips

One of the best tips to come out of the Experienced Rider Course was …start using your engine cut-off switch before dismounting the bike. If you’ve been getting off and then turning the ignition switch, you’re not training your thumb to find that "kill switch" which you may need in an emergency. It will save you those embarrassing moments when you accidentally kick the gear shift lever with the engine still running.

The other big safety tip was "your bike will go where your eyes go." The key is to look "long" and where you want to end up, not what you’re trying to avoid. Driving "short" is what troubles most beginning riders, so look up, long and decide where you want to end up and you’ll have more fun than a barrel of …whatever.

Summer Picnic

The summer Montana retreads picnic is on. By pleading, then threatening, Bill has managed to find a willing team to put the picnic together. We will be picnicking at Fort Fizzle (a mile or two west of Lolo on the south side of Highway 12). More info later but if you want to help, check in with Joe Rice and Iva Gilmore.

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Comments on the newsletter should be sent to Dave McCormack at dhmcc@aol.com or call him at 375-9379.

Experienced Rider Course Report

7 Riders took the Experienced Rider Course on May 9th in Missoula. Bill Varien, JT Meenach, Wayne Dreese, Ted Storck, Doug Heald, Dave McCormack, and Steve Hensley spent the day mostly making our bikes do things we never thought possible. The instructors were great and the weather was perfect. We all passed and were pleased with the amount of information we gathered from the day long event. Many of us learned new skills and techniques and discovered some bad habits that we were unaware of. We’re hoping that every other spring, the club will sell out the 12 spaces in the course and make this a semi annual event. With the club discount, we got our money’s worth. And oh by the way, another tech tip that came out of the course…always carry a spare main fuse. Thanks for that, Doug!

Ride Schedule

JUN 12th  Big Fork Loop  Breakfast at The Joker’s Wild @ 8:00 AM. North Reserve St. Missoula

JUL 10th  Breakfast at Bud & Shirleys @ 8:30 AM, then a two stage ride to Wisdom, Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Missoula (short riders can turn around at Wisdom, or ride the Crystal Park loop and return. Long riders can continue on to Anaconda, and back through Missoula).

Jul 24/25  Hope Ride. Meeting time and place TBA

AUG 2nd  Departure date for the national RETREADS RALLY at Spearfish, SD (check details with Bill or Dave)

AUG 14th  Breakfast at The Hayloft @ 8:00 AM, then a two-stage ride to Lochsa Lodge and Lowell, ID (short riders can turn around at the lodge. Long riders can go on to Lowell).

SEP 11th  ("Ralph Harris Memorial Ride to Mexico") Meet at the Lone Pine Conoco, south of Hamilton at 12:30 PM and ride to The Broken Arrow, in Gibbonsville, ID for a great Mexican dinner

Dependent on the weather, in October we will return to our breakfast schedule the 2nd Saturday of the month. For the moment, we’ll be at the Stevi Café in Stevensville unless we can find a larger venue for the club.


New Members

Spring has come and we find ourselves getting bigger…no, not because we ate all through the winter, but because we’re fortunate to have several new members. The names and particulars are listed on the web site but we do want to welcome…

Link Graham (BMW R1100RT & Triumph Bonneville T100), Darby; Jim Fox (Honda Sabre 1100), Missoula; Bob Robertson (Honda Valkyrie Tourer), Missoula; Terry and Felicia Sullivan (Honda Goldwings, a ’77 and an ‘87), Missoula; and Rick Adams and Crystal O’Toole (Harley-Davidson Road King), Stevensville.