Volume 1                                         March 2004                                                Issue 3



Editor’s Notes

Spring is nearly here as I write this. Some of us have already brought our bikes out of storage and run some test rides up and down Highway 93. A few even struggled against the wind and cold and showed up at the March 13th Breakfast.  We had another full house at the Stevi Café with several guests joining us. It shows that the Montana Retreads is a great group to not only ride with, but also to share our life and motorcycle experiences.


First Scheduled Ride

Our first ride of the season is scheduled for April 10th at 9:00 a.m. We’ll meet at the Hayloft and depending on the weather and road conditions, ride either to the Lochsa Lodge or the Sula store (could be more interesting to see the rock slide).


Tech Tips

This tip was shared by Monte at the January breakfast: For those of us with shaft drives, it’s important when performing service that requires removal of the rear wheel…the splines need to be thoroughly cleaned and regreased before remounting wheel. The recommended lube is Lithium based Molydisulphide (Moly) grease. If you don’t do your own service, make sure your mechanic understands that you want it done this way. Otherwise, you’ll be replacing the rear shaft housing sooner than later.


Hope Ride

At the March breakfast, we got a little more information about the ride. Although it is not an official ride in our Retreads calendar, it is one that many members have done and we’re encouraged to participate nevertheless. It would be great to have a significant showing of the Montana Retreads group.

JT Meenach shared some of his insights with us about the ride. He’s done the ride for several years as have others in the club. The event is scheduled for July 24 and 25 this year. The Hope Ride has been organized by the Montana Highway Patrol Officers to benefit critically and sometimes terminally ill children. The Hope Project is about

Hope Ride (cont.)

raising money to provide these children with their wish, in many cases their last wish. Because the Hope Ride is managed by volunteers, nearly 95% of the money raised goes towards granting these children their wish. Often the wish is a trip to Disneyworld. The average wish costs about $5,700 and often includes funds to cover not only the trip but for family and a health care professional. This project is specifically for Montana children...so it’s all about our kids here in Montana.

There is an entry fee of $30 person. The fee covers a souvenir hat, pin, and other goodies plus the barbecue Saturday evening. We are encouraged to raise money but are not required to in order to participate.

The event for us will start in Missoula and follow a circuitous route to West Yellowstone. We’ll be doing approximately 410 miles in one day. This mileage is part of the fun and can be challenging as we rarely use the interstate. The ride is designed to approximate the mileage that other riders from across the state have to make to reach the destination.

For more information, go to http://www.montanahope.org.

We’ll have more information as we get closer to the event.

Experienced Rider Course

We have 7 riders signed up to take the Experienced Rider Course on May 9th in Missoula. Each enrolled rider has received confirmation and directions to the course. If anyone is still interested in participating, call Dave McCormack for registration forms. Someone will be there with a camera and pictures of participants will appear here in the May edition. Keep smiling.


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